Who are we?

An ophthalmologist/ eye surgeon is a medical doctor whom has specialised in both medical and surgical aspects of the eye. We have spent on average 12 years in training (5yrs in medical school, 5-7 yrs specialising as a specialist surgeon).

What do we do?

We are trained to diagnose, treat and manage eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, paediatric eye care, refraction and contact lens practise.

We perform cataract, glaucoma and other surgeries. As a medical doctor, we also manage complex cases with other specialist doctors such as endocrinologists, radiologists and rheumatologists.

Please be advised we recommend at least once yearly checks by an eye surgeon for

        • All patients with diabetes mellitus
        • All patients with a family history of eye diseases including glaucoma.
        • All preschool children ( age 3yrs+)
        • Everyone over age 30yrs