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To all interested media offices,
We would like to inform you of "World Glaucoma Week", 10th - 16th March 2013 and the launch of WINGS on the 11th of March. WINGS (West Indian Society for Glaucoma Surgeons) is a
society of specialist surgeons geared towards patient education and improved glaucoma training in the West Indies. Understanding Glaucoma as a sight threatening disease that is often underestimated, and recognizing the devastation it can cause before one's sight has been irrevocably diminished is our ultimate focus. If we band together to make fellow West Indians more aware of the traumatic effects of glaucoma we can arrest it before sight is completely lost.
We have cordially invited his Excellency the President and the First Lady as well as the Honorable Minister of Health to share an educational evening, venue to be announced, where we intend to highlight glaucoma, it's symptoms and treatment and the role of WINGS in it's arrest.

For more information log on to, call us at 868-739-5474 or email